The overview

Fun, bold & loud chicken house

Baquark made it’s name and reputation by being loud and bold. We completely re-designed Baquark’s whole look and feel, modernising the out-dated look putting a fun spin on conventional restaurants.

The overall look is ‘organised chaos’ mixing rough elements with structure and formatting, ensuring that the brand isn’t lost when POS is put side by side. We kept the colour palette simple, pairing black & red with hints of yellow to maintain the strong brands presence. 

We started the process by searching and compiling images which featured different styles of venues along with other images which assists in giving us a feel for brand direction, including surfaces & textures.

We worked up 3 initial mood boards, all with totally different directions. This gives us, and our client a great idea of which direction to take the brand so we can ensure we’re on the right track, right from the go.

The client loved the idea of down to earth & fun elements such as the purposeful ‘bad’ illustrations, these are great for packing personality into a brand!

What did we do?

Creative Direction


Menu design

Social media package

Motion graphics

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